Today’s situation will lead onto opportunities

Today’s situation will lead onto opportunities


do not think that in several weeks ago we can predict the situation that we are in. the COVID-19 is affecting our world, market, jobs, finance and supply chain with unprecedented challenges, and I believe that this is going to be a step change that will last for a long time.

I believe that many things will require to change, many businesses will be affected, the way we communicate and meet will be affected, the way we exercise will be affected, the amount of travel and the precautions we took will be changed, but there is also another factor that will change drastically , our supply chain.

We have talked in the past about the way a supply chain will become a VALUE Chain, if you have read our previous white papers or you have attended any of the expos where we had been the Key Note Speakers, we always think that the value chain is the result of clear communication and accountability from 2 parties, the Supplier and the Customer. Both require providing answers to questions that the other party may have about HOW and WHEN they can provide value to the organization. The clearer the answers the faster we will see transform a SUPPLY CHAIN TO VALUE CHAIN.

All things considered, today’s situation will end up requiring a transformation on of the supply chain, with the inevitable end goal of becoming a true Value Chain. We are anticipating that the Customers will start looking for a new, empowered and proactive Supply base to deliver value in order for them to be back in business rapidly, which may start with lead time, innovation, Vendor-Managed Inventories and just-in-time materials. Perhaps you may think they forgot to mention about Cost, and while we continue to have customers focused on pricing, we believe that the most competitive source is not the one that at the end of the day is being chosen for the long term and partnership relationships, the one that drives value is the one, so yes! It is very important to be competitive yet will be more important to drive value in a way that the customer perceive it daily and may help them to get additional revenues.

Our world is changing faster than any time in history, what is not changing is that there are not many suppliers that can drive value, there are always ones that can provide a product, they can provide it with good cost, but the key thing to investigate is can they drive the value that I am expecting?

In Seeking Supplier, we focus on recommending suppliers that are the ones that we know they have delivered value to their customers in different circumstances. More and more of our clients are looking for those suppliers that are ready to have conversations to increase the value they provide; also a lot of the suppliers are expecting the customers to define clearly what value means for them, and together join forces to generate value.

The world is changing, the world has many unknowns in front of us today, what is clearer for us in Seeking Supplier is that the new norm of looking for suppliers is changing, and our process is an extremely easy and fast process because we know the suppliers that will provide what you are expecting.

Let’s keep joining forces, we truly believe we can find you the best suppliers out there. We have 5 global locations and we will find a supplier that can and will bring answers to the unknowns that you have in your supply chain. We will find you the suppliers that will match your strategy.

Today’s world will change, but I do see opportunities for organizations to drive value, this is where we all need to prepare, we need to get ready to deliver in a faster way that even before. To me this challenging time will result in.